Hi! I’m Lyndosha. I am a country girl, born and raised in South Carolina with nothing more than a love for speaking and a passion for inspiring others to take their lives to the next level. I am proud to have accomplished a life long dream of becoming an attorney and now I’m using my practice to help physicians live out their best business life. If you’re a doctor and you are looking for my firm’s site then visit www.thejamisonlawfirm.com


When I am not assisting doctors with their contracts or risk management and burnout legal issues, then you can find me giving women personal development tips on how to live out their best lives.


I write weekly articles for my newsletter. My newsletter is a part of my commitment to offering free content to women who are committed to growing personally no matter the obstacles they face on a daily basis. 

So what does this all have to do with you?


I’m glad you asked.


 I believe that I was entrusted with such a vigor for life in order to pass it on. I hope that something on this site awakens you to new life! I don’t believe that it’s ever too late for us to live life as our best-selves.


Do you have any questions? Let’s connect! Email us at  info@lyndosha.com