“Let me tell you what happened….”

If you are a girl’s girl like me then you know that on the other side of this statement is a whole bunch of foolishness lol.

Cheating men, confessions that you’re cheating, family fights, drama at work, disrespectful bosses, kids acting up in school,

such and such broke up,

old boo hit me up,

old boo just got married, but he was in my inbox last week,

and on and on and on and on……

You see, I’ve been a girl’s girl all of my life.

I absolutely adore being a woman, but something has changed for many of us as the years keep passing by.

Many of us thought that we were making moves that would make us happier, only to find out that in reality we are more miserable than we’ve ever been.

The women that we were 5, 10, or 15 years ago seem to be getting lost underneath the stresses of unfulfilling love lives,  bad personal decisions, disrespectful kids, not enough financial resources, and just plain old burn out.

The truth is that so many women are miserable.

However, being truly happy is about the only thing that we want to be.

Well, I am not God or anything, but I’ve lived for almost 31 years on this earth and I can truly say that I am happy.

I am a happy woman.

Now, does that mean that I am always chipper and upbeat?

Does that mean that I take other people’s s***?

Does that mean that I am lonely, without a man, no friends, and living on an island by myself?


I have bad days and seasons just like any other human. I’ve made EPIC mistakes. I’ve made some bad judgment calls. I’ve gotten it wrong over and over again in many areas in my life.

However, I also have a wonderful marriage and a beautiful husband that I’ve been married to for almost 10 years. I still call him my boo to his face, and even after all of these years he is still one of my best friends.

I have wonderful friends from every stage of my life, including elementary school.

I have a great family, and we burst at the seams with love and tons of drama lol.

I’m a lawyer by trade, so no, I don’t take other people’s s***. I fight for other people whenever they are in s***.

I travel the world.

My household is in charge of three businesses.

I’m an investor.

I have a very full life and on top of all of this….

I am happy.

I decided to start my own personal development brand because after almost 31 years of living a life that is far from perfect, but one that I absolutely love, I realized that there are some key truths that I’ve followed that have brought about this happy life.

The main truth being, I know who I am and I live that out to the best of my ability.

I think that often we women lower our standards and take a lot of s*** simply because we don’t know who we are and what we’re truly worth.

I think many of us are afraid to start over for fear that we’ll just get it wrong again.

One thing that I know is that you can’t get it wrong when you are truly getting to you.

That’s what Matchless is about.

If a woman is going to be happy, then she has to get back to herself.

If a woman is going to live out her best life, then she has to get back to herself.

If a woman is going to make boss moves, then she has to get back to and remain true to herself.

I don’t know what it would take for you to declare this about your own life, but I want to help you get there.

Not as a life coach, because that’s not what I claim to be, but as a fellow woman who wants to see you succeed.

If you’re ready to start this journey, then join me on Thursday, March 22, 2018 at 12:30pm at the link below for my first webinar: How to Make a Matchless Move.


We will talk about  you.

We will talk about setting goals that matter to you.

We will talk about how to choose what you prefer the most in any given situation.

We will talk about the Matchless retreat that’s happening in August. I have a vision to bring together 50 women who are in need of a weekend of fun, relaxation, and personal growth.

Ladies, let’s get back to happy.

Let’s get back to true selves.