A poem for the weary woman

Her heart was bruised and torn

She needed a place to lay it all down

Weighted by the worries of the world

Her only desire was rest

Her only desire was joy

She missed herself…….

Did this poem speak to your heart?

I sure hope so……

It’s the poem that flowed from my heart as I considered the heart and state of some of the  women who would be attending my first retreat.

I wrote this poem in honor of my personal commitment to hosting the 1st official Matchless Retreat for women.

You see….

I’ve noticed a pattern for most of us as women…..

We take and take and take until we’ve taken so much from life that we don’t recognize ourselves anymore.

For years, I’ve noticed that when women fall, we have very few SAFE places where we can go to be truly restored.

So where does a woman go when she needs to be restored?

Where does she go in order to be filled again?

Well I don’t have an answer for every woman, but for me, I naturally retreat back to my personal essence.

When life tries to get the best of me, I make it a point to remember who I am.

Honestly, at this stage of my life, I try not to get too far from myself.

When we lose our personalities, our talents, our joys, and our uniqueness to the burdens and demands of life, then all of the striving that we do in life can feel pointless.

The fact that I’ve seen so many of us loose ourselves as we keep living is one of the reasons I decided to commit to this retreat starting this year.

Are you in need of some rest?

Do you need to reconnect with yourself as a woman?

Then consider joining me in August for the 1st Annual Matchless Retreat in Atlanta, Ga.

We will dance, shop, rest, and reflect on our lives. My hope is that you leave the retreat restored.

And for those of you who’ve been wanting to experience Matchless, the digital course, then you’re in for a treat because you will experience the entire course this weekend LIVE!

Click the link below to see the schedule for the retreat! I’d love to see you there.