As a contract attorney for physicians, I help our healers become confident in the value that they offer to an entity as a doctor.

It’s so hard for many of us to articulate to our employers why we are valuable and why we deserve the pay that we ask for. I believe that people should negotiate their pay based upon the unique value that they offer to a company. If you are not clear on how to articulate that value in a persuasive manner, then you will find yourself working for less than what you feel you deserve.

I encourage my legal clients to speak up when it comes to articulating their worth an employer. The #1 tip that I give to my legal clients is to learn what the other side wants the most and then decide if you are equipped to satisfy that want. When you know what the other side is looking for then it gives you the ability to access if you are a viable candidate for the position. Once that confidence is in place, then we can start working on a killer strategy focused on obtaining the position. I’ve found that if a person is not confident in their ability to perform the job, then they will always low ball themselves in a deal.

Being Matchless is about more than developing and growing your mind and your emotions. It’s also about being able to enter into the marketplace to give value, while also receiving value from the people that you serve. I encourage others to learn how to articulate your value well, not only for your job, but for your everyday life. We are always making deals and negotiating with the people in our lives. In order to make a Matchless Move you have to know what you are worth! #MatchlessMondayMotivation