Matchless Retreat Weekend Review by Guest Blogger Taylar Noelle

Dear Matchless Readers,

Capturing the sensibility of Lyndosha E. isn’t a hard thing to do. Watching any of her YouTube videos introduces you to her fiery energy. It is evident that this is a woman who wants to impact lives, influence hearts, and enhance the mindset of women everywhere. Her passion seeps through her smile when she greets you, and you can tell that during this retreat something in your life is about to get a lot brighter.

Just a little background, I am a newbie blogger and a psychic alignment strategist that focuses on spiritual living for creatives, entrepreneurs, and artists. I stumbled across the retreat weekend after hearing of a blogging opportunity from a friend. Immediately like the researcher I am, I watched all of Lyndosha Jamison’s videos and read all of her blogs. Who is this woman? What does she want to do? I could feel the energy of her mission, and I wanted to know more.

Matchless is Lyndosha’s personal development brand dedicated to helping women lead authentic lives and align to their higher goals. The Matchless retreat is a weekend packed with workshops from the namesake’s digital course, motivational speakers, and intimate outings with other women on a journey toward their dream life. So after this weekend, I can honestly say it was one of the most magical experiences I have ever had. I went in not knowing what to expect, and I left a more confident woman with an aligned mindset. Here are my highlights of the weekend.

• Heart Vomit Workshop – This active meditative practice really helps you become aware of what exactly is the noise that’s blocking you, stopping you, and distracting you from moving forward.

• Guest Speaker Jessica Lundy – I really loved the energy of this speaker. She was very vibrant and really helped us understand the power of speaking out loud your goals and making them real. She also taught us the power of using affirmations to manifest them.

• Tribes + Vibes Workshop – I got so much value out of this workshop since one of my main goals this year is to deepen existing friendships and build valuable new ones. We did an exercise that really helped give clarity on the actual tips.

• Credit Restoration Speaker Shalisa – This was amazing because she really focused on the spiritual connection between our mindset and how we spend and build our finances.

• Bronner Brothers Financial Freedom Panel: Seeing Lyndosha not only as our Mentor and Retreat leader, but seeing her as a leader in the financial world was an added bonus. She has so much insight on learning about finances and building wealth. She asked an excellent question “Do you know where your financial beliefs are coming from?”. This was an eye opener for myself and many others in the audience.

This retreat is for women who need to hit the reset on their life. Women who are prepared to expand and just don’t know how. This is even for women who aren’t sure what they want. I was a recent grad going through a transitional time. The workshops in the retreat let me uncover my genuine desire to be playful and explore without being apologetic about it. This retreat best suits professional women who just need a little nudge to go inside and discover themselves on a deeper level although I believe any woman can take home something valuable no matter what level she is on. If you are considering the Matchless Retreat for your personal development, DO IT DO IT DO IT! You will leave feeling like a three-year-old at Disney World’ magic castle. You will leave with newfound energy that radiates from within and in truth. You will also leave feeling the love of a new tribe from places you’ve never been yet will forever have a connection. But most importantly you will leave an aligned version of YOU!