I wanted to take a moment to talk about the Matchless Retreat.

I received the vision for the retreat about one year ago.

I was doing some reading in a hotel room in Ohio when a series of images started playing in my head.

Here is what I saw……

I saw a girl, getting off of a plane at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta, Ga. She was focused and comfortable in her skin. She traveled from her plane, through the airport, to the area where the chauffeurs were located. She was looking for her name on a sign along with the Matchless Retreat Logo.

When she approached the arrival location at the airport, she found the driver who held a sign with her name on it.  He was holding the sign in one hand and a bouquet of flowers in the other. He was ready to greet her and take her bags. He escorted her to the car and said, “Miss, are you ready to attend one of the best events of your life?”

Now there was so much more to the vision, but I won’t take all of your time discussing those details.

Just know that I spent the next 2 hours writing out each detail of that vision.

My journaling session from that day is the birthplace for the Matchless Retreat.

So how did I move from a journaling session into actually hosting the 1st Annual Matchless Retreat?

Here are my top three tips on how I turned my vision from that day into the 1st Annual Matchless Retreat. 

The 3 Cs on How To Turn Your Vision Into Reality

  1. Capture your thoughts on paper

This step is important. If you don’t write down what you see in your mind then it will leave as quickly as it came. I tend to keep a journal, a post it, or a phone near me at all times in order to capture my ideas on paper. Every thought will not turn into reality, but many of them will.

  1. Create a budget for your vision

I know that this may be a weird second step for some people, but it works. After you write out your vision, then make a budget. Budgets are extremely practical. Budgets force you to think about the specific things that you need in order to make sure that your vision comes to pass. Budgets force you to consider the costs of executing your vision. If you create the budget before beginning the work then you will save yourself a lot of time and energy on the front end. You will be able to see if the vision is something that you are dedicated to completing or if it was just a fantasy or wishful thinking.

  1. Contact the individuals who will help you execute the vision

After you create the budget, then form your team. If you are serious about turning your vision into a reality,  then you will need great people in order to help you do it. Those great people will do great work, but it won’t be free. However, you will be ready to discuss costs because you will have already created a budget with their name or position as a line item on the document.  Your team will either make or break the vision. So choose wisely.

In 3 weeks, you ladies will experience only a portion of what I hope will become one of the most anticipated events of the Matchless brand.

This year is the 1st retreat. It is a smaller version of the grandiose vision that I was given last year. That vision will take about 5-8 years to come to pass.

However, the ladies who attend this year will be there to tell the story of the beginning. You will tell the story of this blog post to attendees who discover the brand in the future.

I am grateful to be the woman chosen to give birth to a retreat dedicated to reminding women of their highest value.

This event is uniquely crafted to help women take time out for themselves. Each activity is designed to assist and encourage each woman to reconnect with her heart, mind, and emotions through the use of the workshops and the personal development Matchless Digital course.


Women will work through a process known as the heart vomit in order to learn to put a name to the many stresses and demands that are on her individual life. By the end of the retreat, every woman will walk away with a plan in hand on how to reorganize and restructure her time and energy so that she can live a more joyful life.

This retreat is bigger than me. It’s also bigger than my vision. It’s about you. It’s about women, growing, getting better, and evolving into the best version of themselves.

The retreat will be held on August 3- August 5th, 2018 at the W Hotel in downtown Atlanta, Ga!  

Matchless Retreat 2018

There are no more individual tickets available for sale. To be put on the waitlist please shoot us an email at info@lyndosha.com

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I can’t wait to see you, ladies!