2019 Matchless Mansion Retreat


Are you tired of the superficial connections running rampant in the business world? Do you want to begin developing strong relationships with real women in business? The 2019 Matchless Mansion Retreat is a private event perfect for bloggers, entrepreneurs, influencers, and professionals who are interested in taking their business skills and personal development habits to the next level.

One of a kind insight

There is a direct relationship between your personal growth and business and financial growth. The two go hand in hand. We’ve created a custom itinerary to fit your personal development and business needs.

Run your life like a pro

Our team’s goal is to help you develop the right plan to take your income and self-care habits to the next level. At the retreat, we focus on building up the entire woman both professionally and personally. No one gets to their next level alone. Each session of the retreat is taught by a professional who has both academic and real-world experience in helping their clients negotiate six figure+ deals, overcome deep adversity, and actually live a life whereby they are happy.

Get the VIP treatment

Come to Atlanta for the retreat only or let us schedule your private tours and night out on the town, all while experiencing the best accommodations Atlanta has to offer.

Take the road less traveled

The Matchless Mansion Retreat includes sessions taught by and interviews of  attorneys,  business women, and personal development speakers who are ready to help you plan your 2019-2020 business and personal goals. Purchase your ticket now to join us!

Each session of the retreat will give guests two perspectives. The first will center on the best business and financial principles to follow in each outlined topic. The second will center on the best self-care practices that support the achieving of those business and financial principles. Self-care and self-awareness are essential if you are to achieve your professional and financial goals.

General Admission: $200

Hi, I’m Lyndosha. I am a lawyer, entrepreneur, and public speaker. When I am not assisting doctors with their contracts, then you can find me giving women personal development tips on how to live out their best lives. I’m here to help and encourage women to live a productive and successful life. I live by the saying, “You only have one life so you might as well make it your best one.” Come along with me on this journey as we take life from #MiseryToMastery. I hope to see you at the 2019 Matchless Mansion Retreat!

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