What do You, Me, Beyoncé,
Carrie Underwood, and
Michelle Obama
all have in


Think about it…


Aside from the fact that all of our asses are women lol…


We are all one of a kind!
We are all Matchless!
There’s not another one of us!

We are unique.


We are different shapes, sizes, and races.


We have different talents, interests, and dreams. We are sexy, sophisticated, plain, intelligent… You name it, then you may be able to find a woman who is it, but you can’t find another woman who is the same mix of it!

We are all Matchless!


However, for some of us, the beauty of being able to shout the truth that we are one of a kind has been robbed from us!


I want to change that.


I want us to get excited about our femininity again! I want us to fall in love with our lives!


Have you ever said the following?

I have a great life. I should be grateful, but I am not happy.

There is something missing…I can’t name it, but there is something missing in my life.

Dang, I am so tired of dealing with this same issue, but I don’t know how to change it.

I have a good job, but it just doesn’t fulfill me…

I have a past. I don’t think that I deserve another chance at starting over…not with my messy s***.

I really want to start my own business in an industry that I love, but my time has passed.

These kids are beautiful, but mommy needs some me time. I need to get myself together.

Does this sound familiar?


If so, you’re in the right place.


There are so many questions that need to be answered when  a woman makes the decision that she is going live out her best life AND that she’s not going to put that responsibility into anyone else’s hands except for herself and a few others that have traveled the road before!


A few others like me!

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Maybe you want to see yourself as a woman who is Matchless, but you don’t have a clue where to start?


Don’t worry, this course was designed with you in mind!


I created Matchless because I’m like many women. I had to uncover myself from all of the things that life tried to place on me in order to weigh me down.


Matchless is an online course designed to help guide you into uncovering and living out the woman that is hidden deep beneath the surface!


This course eliminates the guesswork out of trying to figure out how to grow personally as a woman.


A woman will be Matchless if she…


Develops a
Matchless Mindset


A Matchless woman thinks about her thoughts. We invest in creating a “one-of-a-kind” mentality. Matchless women believe that the world needs our unique way of thinking to help solve some of life’s most pressing problems.

Discovers her
Matchless Strength


Awoman who is uncovered knows her strengths, and she operates in them as much as humanly possible. She commits to learning andstudying the characteristics that make her unique. She knows that operating in her top strengths is the key to enjoying her life.

Matchless Moves


A woman who is Matchless doesn’t do what everyone else does. She makes moves that take her to where she knows she is supposed to be. She’s the player directing the pieces to her own chessboard, she isn’t a piece being played.

Matchless is an online self-study course that provides guidance on how to:

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Develop a Matchless Mindset
Materials: video, teaching sessions, and online workshop with Lyndosha

This module is about discovering insight into the mentality of women who are confident in their uniqueness. You will be introduced to methods, practices, and tips on how to retrain your thoughts from being “one of the many” to “one of a kind.”

You will also learn about ways to tackle defeating mindsets and self-sabotaging mentalities that kill your ability to uncover who you truly are. After completing this module you will have a 3- step process to check any destructive mentality that arises as you are on your Matchless journey.

Classes in this Module:

  1. Thought Vomit- Getting out the bad stuff + online workshop
  2. Look At Them Now- Trashing the thoughts that don’t serve you best + online workshop
  3. Think Through It- Picking up the thoughts you actually want to have + online workshop

Discover your Matchless Strength
Materials: video, online teaching sessions, and online workshop with Lyndosha

This module is designed to help you become aware of your top individual strengths as a woman. It is essential to learn and use your strengths if you are going to live life at its best.  A woman will find her Matchless path once she is clear on what she is great at and then begins to use her strengths in her everyday life.

In this module, you will learn how to identify your personal strengths, gifts, and deepest desires by being introduced to various personality test and gifts assessments. I share my personal favorite resources to discover your strengths and gifts. In the workshops, I walk you through several exercises that give you a picture on how to assess and use your gifts throughout the rest of your life. I go back to these exercises often as the seasons of my life change!!!

  1. Shine Bright My Diamond- Uncovering your unique strengths and personality + online workshop
  2. Gifts & Goodies- Assessing your talents + online workshop
  3. Desires & Longings- Discovering and expressing your deepest wants + online workshop

Make Matchless Moves

Materials: video, online teaching session, online workshop with Lyndosha

Now that you have worked to get your mind together and you are more aware of your strengths and gifts, it is time for you to make some moves. Matchless women use what they have on the inside to achieve goals they set for their lives. We know that our greatest assets are within us–not on the outside of us.

In this video, you will learn how to set goals and make moves that align with who you are. You will learn how to decipher between actions that are dictated by someone else in your life versus the actions that come from you. This module is all about your growth and behavior. You will be exposed to various methods for making decisions. In our workshop session, we will work through a major dilemma that you are facing today. When we are through, you will have more clarity on making your next Matchless move.

  1. Go Girl- Discover how to set goals and make decisions that stick + online workshop
  2. Tribes & Vibes- Create community and discover your people  + online workshop
  3. Watch Me Work- Learn how to birth your dreams and visions + online workshop

About me

My name is Lyndosha. I am an attorney, entrepreneur, speaker, writer, and avid reader. When I am not assisting doctors with their contracts or risk management and burnout legal issues, then you can find me giving women personal development tips on how to live out their best lives.

I write articles for my newsletter at Lyndosha.com. My newsletter is a part of my commitment to offering free content to women who are committed to growing personally no matter the obstacles they face on a daily basis. Sign up for my free newsletter at www.lyndosha.com.

Matchless is a digital product that I created in order to help women develop personally. Matchless focuses on helping to develop the entire woman (mind, character, and behavior). My ultimate goal is to help women move from misery to mastery by uncovering their individual identities and living it out fully.

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