Women Who Lead Anthology


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Women Who Lead Anthology is a collection of stories, life lessons, and wisdom from extraordinary women with extraordinary achievements in all industries and careers. Lyndosha Jamison, an attorney, is a contributing author to this anthology. Her chapter, How to Win in Life as a Woman: Three Lessons from my Mother and Grandmother, explores the foundational lessons given to her by the matriarchs in her family that have led her to a successful life, marriage, and career. This chapter discusses what it means to win in life as a woman and how to navigate the three major areas that influence a woman’s success in life: romance, personal pursuits, standing on timeless truths. In this anthology, Lyndosha reveals the three pivotal keys that have allowed her to win in life time and time again. Lyndosha is passionate about seeing women live out their full potential at each stage of life. It is from this place of passion that she gives daily to encourage and inspire women to live out their best life. Lyndosha Jamison is a woman who leads. Click the picture to purchase the anthology. Delve into the wisdom behind the success of Lyndosha and a few other extraordinary women who are living out their dreams.