“You get to make your own choices, but you don’t get to choose your consequences.”

  Growing up, there was always a group of people present in my life who said: “I don’t like Lyndosha. She thinks that she’s better than other people.” As a very self-aware child, I noticed that most of the people who spread that message didn’t even know me. What that crew of people failed to realize was that I didn’t think that I was better than others at all. I knew that I was like everyone else. I understood that if I made certain choices, then I’d get the same results that other people who made those choices were getting. No human is exempt from this principle. As such, I decided to make decisions that lead to the results that I wanted most. I wanted certain things for my life, and for me, it was about doing the right actions to get the results that I desired. It was and has never been about one-upping the next person.  Many of the decisions and disciplines that I’ve practiced over the years have lead to amazing outcomes.  Any individual can decide to start following the steps it takes to get the results you want in any area of life, but nothing about the climb is easy. I am not better, I’m just different. Some will choose to hate what you represent. Some will be inspired. Some will be indifferent. You keep being……….Keep loving…….keep living. #MatchlessLiving